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Always go up one or two dress sizes on your shorts to stop them riding upCredit: youtube
Luckily a fashion whizz for curvy women has revealed the five things you need to look out for when buying shorts to make sure they’re a winner – and what to avoid.
Chichi O, from the US, shared her tips in a YouTube video so that you can avoid ill-fitting shorts this summer.
Don’t buy the same size as your jeans
The fashion whizz revealed that you should never buy denim shorts in the same size as your jeans.
“When your shorts are too tight they ride up,” Chichi adds, she recommends sizing up by at least one size to prevent this.
It also helps your shorts look more relaxed – which is exactly how you want to feel in summer.
Who likes short shorts?
Not Chichi! A common mistake she sees is women buying shorts that are far too short in length.
The fashion whizz isn’t against curvy women wearing short clothing, far from it, but warns that short shorts will ride up when you’re walking about.